Luís Castro Henriques

Luís Filipe de Castro Henriques is a Portuguese Economist with an MBA degree from INSEAD (2009), an MPhil from the University of Cambridge (2008) and a Degree Level from the Catholic University of Portugal (2002). Currently Luís Castro Henriques is Chairman & CEO of AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency. Previously, he was Executive Board Member of AICEP, since 2014, responsible for Investment (Loans, Grants & Tax Benefits), Financial Management and Corporate Relations. Furthermore, he was Chairman of AICEP Global Parques – subsidiary responsible for several logistical and industrial parks in Portugal, since 2015. Also, Luís Castro Henriques managed the various shareholdings of the Agency. Before joining the Board of Directors of AICEP, Luís Castro Henriques worked in the energy sector at EDP, in the Marketing and Innovation Areas, where he coordinated the Marketing Strategy/Customer Experience of the Group, managed the Marketing Analytics Area, and led a diversified portfolio of projects such as technological partnerships, new product development while also identifying Venture Capital Investments. Prior to joining EDP, Luís Castro Henriques worked for a few years in Academia, at Catholic University, both teaching and researching in a wide range of economic fields and was a Consultant with McKinsey & Company. Luís Castro Henriques also advised the Minister of Economic Affairs and the Secretary of State for Housing of Portugal on topics such as structural investments, house rental laws and economic diplomacy in the XVI and XV Portuguese Governments. He won the Excellence Award from CGD and other Academic Merit Awards.
Events of the Speaker
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November 14, 2022
The impact of AICEP in Portugal (in Portuguese) In-person seminar: Grand Hall | Main Building – School of Economics and Management, University of Porto