CEO - PlatforMe
Industrial Engineer. Business Designer. Avid Entrepreneur. Co-founded PLATFORME - the fashion industry platform for MTO (made-to-order) - that powers mass digital experiences for some of the biggest fashion houses at LVMH, Kering and independent groups. Passioned about Tech (namely for web, commerce, retail) and Virtual (3D, AR, VR). Sits in the Advisory Board of MyDidimo and MOXY.
Administrador - Agência Nacional de Inovação
A Specialist in Innovation Policy and in Open Innovation, António Bob Santos is part of ANI's Board of Directors since July of 2018, having initially served as Innovation Policy Advisor at the same institution (2017/2018).
Graduated in Economics from the University of Porto and with an Executive MBA from the Porto Business School, he started his professional activity in the pharmaceutical company Roche, in the UK, as a Medical Representative.
Senior Research Manager - Feedzai
Currently leading the fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics in AI group at Feedzai Research.
Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros
He has a PhD in Sociology from ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (1992). He is Professor in Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto. Member of the XXI Government, as Minister of Foreign Affairs (2015-2019).
Administrador - Banco Europeu de Investimentos
Filipe is a full member of the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and also of IFD – Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento (Portugal's national promotional bank) since 2018.
Member of the Executive Board | Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (Luz Saúde)
Francisco Nuno Rocha Gonçalves is a professional economist and manager who has specialized in the healthcare industries. Today he is a member of the Executive Board at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo and is also the director of Healthcare Technologies Management at Luz Saúde.
Strategic Marketing Director of the Efacec group
High results-driven professional with a solid record in Energy and Consultancy, with both strong analytical and team leadership skills, guiding talented individuals, building bridges and putting ideas into action, since the early years of my career. Currently, as Strategic Marketing Director of Group Efacec, my mission is to enable the sustainable growth of the company as well as developing strategic initiatives to take our businesses a step further.
Co-founder and CEO of Immunethep
Graduated in Biological Engineering at the University of Minho and MBA at the Porto Business School. Entrepreneur and co-founder of early-stage science-based startups with expertise in biotech and environment. Bruno Santos is co-founder and CEO of Immunethep, a biotech company focused on the development of antibacterial immunotherapies.