Building a World-Class Analytics Practice (EN)

In-person seminar: Grand Hall | Main Building – School of Economics and Management, University of Porto

In English

Telecom industry specialist
Nuno Paiva is a seasoned Telecom industry specialist with 15 years’ experience as a technological Consultant at Accenture and later as an Analytical Marketing Manager at NOS. Nuno currently leads the Data Science team at NOS enabling the organization to make better decisions using the latest analytical artillery. He has helped to develop impactful Data Products for different areas such as Marketing, Sales, Contents, Network Operations, Customer Service and Data Monetization. Nuno holds one MSC in Electrotechnical Engineering (University of Coimbra), a Msc of Data Analytics (University of Porto) and is a PHD candidate of the MAP-i Doctoral Program in Computer Science studying Fairness in ML. Nuno is a visiting Professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, teaching "AI Explainability & Fairness” course integrated on the MsC Business Analytics curriculum.

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